Travelling to the Singaporean islands by ferry

batam-998Singapore is one of the most visited places in the world. Although it is popular as a sheer holiday destination, Singapore is also a destination that adventure lovers prefer to visit. With so many islands surrounding this country, there is great opportunity for the people to visit Singapore and these islands and enjoy water sports such as snorkelling, kayaking, diving, sailing and others. However, for that, you need to reach the islands at first.

One of the most popular islands in Singapore is Sentosa. Although Sentosa itself has a number of activities and fun as well as adventure sports to enjoy, people often visit this place for sheer leisure time. The other popular islands that are there surrounding Singapore are Saint John’s Island, Kusu Island, Jurong Island, PulauUbin, PulaoUjong and others.

Most of these islands have their very own adventure and water sport activity setup that you can enjoy. As you reach the islands, you will not have to worry anything about taking part in these group or solo water sport activities. The only thing that is your responsibility is reaching the island of your choice.

How to reach the islands in Singapore?

Whether you want to reach Jurong Island or the Sentosa Island, the best way to reach there is certainly the ferry service. There are a number of ferry services that you will be able to access. These ferries leave from the many Singaporean harbours like the one I booked before from easybook Singapore to bintan ferry. You only have to choose a ferry service and book a ticket for you on one of the ferries that leaves right at the time of your travel or that suits your time. There are many online services that will make it easy for you to book your tickets without any trouble.

Voyager librement dans KL


Asean is a region that is full of sightseeing and tourist spots. The area is filled with countries that are tempting to all Westerners. And if you ever decide to visit the South Asian countries, then you must always start with Malaysia. That is because, Malaysia is home to the maximum city Kuala Lumpur, and here you will find everything that you need.


From hotels to places of worship, and from street food to designer houses, KL is home to everything. The city is a mega polis, and over there you will find all the amenities that you need.

Rent a car and explore the city and country:

If you ever set foot in Malaysia and KL, do not be afraid to get easybook car rental malaysia. The country has fantastic roads and every city in the nearby areas of KL is well connected with wide roads. If you are clever, then you can easily book a rental car from the internet well beforehand so that you can rack up some great deals and discounts. There are many websites that offer this facility.

Once you are in the city, take your car to discover the city. You can begin by driving and admiring all the tall edifices and skyscrapers of the city. You and your group will, for sure, enjoy the view of the modern architectural wonders of the city. Along with this, you will also see the down to earth nature of the city with its street food and footpath shops and stalls. You can easily do some street shopping too when you are in the city.



New Transformation of Genting Highlands Theme Park in 2016


You can also roam around the city and check out the exciting places:

Once you are in the city driving a car everything will seem near and very close to you. You can begin your city tour by first heading to the Merdeka Square, or sometimes also referred as the national square of the country. Here you will be able to admire the historical Sultan Abdul Samad vicinity and then check out the famous Royal Selangor Club. After this, your next spot should be the national Museum of Malaysia that is convenient located in KL. You can also cover the Aquaria and the Bird Park too. Finally, for relaxation and some fun, visiting the Genting Highlands theme park is a fantastic brainchild idea creation. Here you can easily enjoy with your kids and your family.

Check out of KL to hop into Singapore:

Another great thing about renting a car in KL is, you can easily take them to other neighbouring country. You can easily plan a trip from KL to Singapore via Melaka and the very safe Johor Bahru crossing. Just make sure you book the appropriate car and have valid documents.

Venture in Legoland Hotel

As the name indicates, this place is really a gem of Malaysia. You have guessed it correctly. If Johor has captured your interest, you would certainly know that this place is really special.  This state is second in Malaysia in terms of population.  The cultural diversity of this state formed by Chinese, Indians and Malay reflects in the food habits prevalent here. You will thus be able to dive into some of the most delicious cuisines of Southeast Asia in Johor.


Johor City

Whenever we plan for a vacation usually we do a great deal of planning regarding the place to visit and accordingly we even divide our time. However, actually when we reach to our destination we find that even though we started on track, we are not going exactly well with our timings. Hence, we end up missing quite a few interesting spots. Johor is such a beautiful place and there are so many things to see that many of us might find ourselves in a similar kind of situation. So you should definitely try to make the maximum utilization of your visit to the place.

A rental car service will definitely prove to be handy and especially with Easybook around us, the cheapest mode of service can also be availed much easily.  Whether you are opting to visit Legoland and enjoy a fantastic day with your family or gulp the fantastic sights around Muar, you will achieve your goal in a much convenient manner.


You can enjoy your vacation in a stylish and luxurious way as you fetch some of the cheapest rates available for car services to take you all along the way. If you are in the middle of a long planned trip and feel like taking frequent breaks, you will get the mobility and facility if you have opted for your rental services. You should take every bit of your exciting memories back to home.

If just at the spur of the moment you wish to go to Mount Santubong all the way from the Bako National Park, you can still be able to fulfill your dreams.  That’s the advantage of opting for your rental service in here. If you are getting your comfortable transport well within you budget there is no reason for you to deprive yourself of the freedom.

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